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Experience the limits of the human mind in this first person interactive 3D game where you play as Jacques Adams, a thirty year old man who lost his wife and daughter in a tragic car accident. Since this day, Jacques isn't the same man as he used to be and odd events are happening in his own house.

Sit down, focus, and be the first person to witness those events and try to understand what is really happening in Jacques' home.


Project Manager : Loïc Andriantsoa

Game Design : Antoine PersonOscar Chenevier - Marcus Do Rego

Sound Design : Florian Letourneur

Programming : Grégoire Pierillas - Léandry Bertrai - Loïc Andriantsoa - Maxime Loffler

Art & Assets : Léandry Bertrai


This game is a student project made during a 5 days Game Jam where the objective was to produce a 3D game taking place only in ONE room and had to be interactive.

I hope you'll enjoy our game and feel free to give us some feedback so we can improve the player's experience, and also go check out the other projects of our mates during the same Game Jam!

Don't forget to check our itch.io page for further updates coming soon and leave a rate! 

And last thing, check the Development log below to stay updated about our work ;)

Updated 4 days ago
Published 15 days ago
StatusIn development
Release date 15 days ago
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Dark, First-Person, Horror, mind-bending, Mouse only, Mystery, suspense, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Install and play intructions : 

-Download the .zip file

-Extract the file

-Launch the "GameJam3D.exe" file



Shutdown Project.zip 106 MB

Development log


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Very creepy.… I felt bad for the character. Nice work!

THIS WAS HORRIFYING I loved it, the story is so sad, losing both his wife and daughter, and the end, was VERY sad I felt bad for the dude, but the game itself gameplay wise, was a great find! I had fun and truly enjoyed this! maybe you will do more with this?! :D I would love to see more at least! haha 

THIS WAS HORRIFYING I loved it, the story is so sad, losing both his wife and daughter, and the end, was VERY sad I felt bad for the dude, but the game itself gameplay wise, was a great find! I had fun and truly enjoyed this! maybe you will do more with this?! :D I would love to see more at least! haha 

No me quedó muy claro que ha pasado, pero en general los gráficos son geniales aunque me hubiera gustado hacer algo yo, como explorar o investigar, más bien el juego es como una peli.  

This game was quite the experience if I do say so myself! I have never played anything quite like it and it was actually one of the best indie games I have yet played. If I did make one recommendation, this game would be excellent for VR! 

Hey man I just watched your video and it was actually fun to see your reactions! Thanks a lot for the video and feedback :)

And yes this game might come out in VR who knows :)

I hope it does! I plan to get an oculus rift in the very near future!

This was, interesting, I didn't really understand it and didn't really like that I can't walk around, I'm assuming its just a person who is insane is all, but it looked really cool either way 


Definitly gonna check this game out. Untill then check out my channel I just uploaded a video a while ago so check that out  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Rjl5aPpqr-v6tDKY1cnuQ?view_as=subscriber

This was quite the experience. I'm not super sure what was happening though

Played the game and had a lot of fun. I am not sure if I was supposed to though :(

Marvelous Game I loved it Everyone check it out and if you like support your boii by lick sub ok. Its Help your boi make more videos

pretty cool, i was a little confused on what was happening but otherwise great job

I LOVED THIS SO MUCH! Lemme explain it, from the atmosphere to not being able to move, only watch and listen? Thats a beautiful thing, and tbh, more horror games should try this approach VS jumpscares every 5 seconds

the layout and, idea/story of this game is cool, but I do not understand what i'm supposed to do, just watch? maybe make it more interactive, other than that, it's cool. Love the sounds, definitely had to turn down the volume so i wouldn't get scared, haha.

Hey! First of all thanks for playing and for the feedback! We're glad you enjoyed the experience :)

Also about the interactive part, no you are not able to move around on purpose, and we will change some of that in the future (don't hesitate to check the dev log below our page!). 

And yes ahaha we're happy you had to turn down your volume that was our intention ;)

It's cool, I do not like the fact that the camera seems very laggy, and that you can not move freely. It's decent though for what it is.

Thanks for the feedback! Don't worry we will work on these details now that we have more time, don't hesitate to check the game later when it'll be updated ;)


Just a Junk game!


what a creepy and awesome experience! Such an interesting way to tell a story. I loved the atmosphere and the creepy noises lol 

Hey man thanks a lot for the video I really enjoyed watching it ahah it was fun :)

Also thanks for the feedback, telling a story only with the sounds and atmosphere was our intention I'm glad you felt it :)

Stay tuned for the next update !

So I made a vid on it

Thank you for the video we appreciate it ! Hope you had fun :)

Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video

SKIP TO 4:41

Played this for a 3 free indie horrors. Not bad, though could be better. I give a full in-depth review in my video if you're wanting hard honest feedback. 

It's a weird experience but I wouldn't say much of a game. Not a fan of the story as it does put mental issues in a bad light, especially with the ending, but I could see this being interesting in VR.

Hi everyone make sure to check the Development log section to keep track of the project!

Thank you again :)

Loïc, one of the team members

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Great horror expierence! Would love to know more about the story though, but it is seriously good for a game jam!

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Hey thanks a lot for the video AND feedback ! Yes for sure we will be working on the scenario during the next weeks so stay tuned we'll do our possible to improve your experience ;)


This was a realy weird game haha but it was fun a nice short indie horror experience

Yeah it's a weird game but the character is mad, so that coincide :) ! Thanks for the video by the way, it's cool!

Why player can't move in the room

Hey! It was made like this to underline the madness of Jacques! Hope you enjoyed the game!

yah the models and textures are great really cool

Thanks! :)

Interesting game. Really short, but it's pretty cool.

Thank you for the video! Even if you're not a big fan of this type of game, we hope you liked it anyway!

I played your game in a combo video I did. I'm not sure if I encountered a bug as I couldn't exactly interact with anything in my playthrough. Visuals were very good though. Defs a spooky atmosphere

Your game starts at 8:17

Hey! Thanks for the video! We hope you enjoyed the game anyway! No it was not a bug if you can't interact with anything, it was made like that to underline the character's madness! We take note of your feedbacks and it will help us to improve our game!

mad...creepy ...RING LOL

Thanks for the video! Hope you liked our game! And if you have some fedbacks that could help us do not hesitate to tell us!

this game was fantastic! :D loved the different scenarios in this and i hated the TV lol! only because it was the ring girl lol! :D and she scares me ALOT! awesome job on making this game :D 
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Thank you for this great video! And your reactions mean a lot for us! :D

And it's a pleasure to see that you enjoyed the game!

Interesting concept. Creepy vibes the whole way through! 

Glad you like the game! We're trying to improve our project and it's with feedbacks like yours that we can improve it! And thanks for the video, it seems that we are dreaming!

We are inside his head. i know you are crazy ;P

Thank for the video ! It's a big pleasure ! And glad you liked the game ;)

I love the flow how the game is design and its really fascinated me. Its a game that tell story its up to you understand how the story has been tell. I recommended everyone to check it out!! Check out your boil full review. If you like what do give a like and subscribe really appreciated

Thank you to have done this video ! And your feedbacks are important for our game's futur!

I gave the game a solid play and some of the feedback is something to consider going forward.

Thank you for your video and your feedbacks, that help us a lot to make our game better ! :)

Scared Me

Thanks to you for the video ! That's mean a lot for a student game like our !


Played in my 2-Horror-in-1 series with it being in the latter portion of the video, gave my feedback and reactions to the game

Thank you for the video and the feedback !It means a lot :) 

Very cool, It will be great if we can walk around. :)

4/5 rated!

Thanks a lot for the video man ! Glad u liked it, our team will work on this game and add new features as soon as we have time to work on this project :)

Good luck bro :)